As we all know the Harley Davidson Motor Company stopped putting Timken races into their Twin Cam cases.  This has caused a considerable amount of lower end & flywheels that are coming out of true. Without the Timken bearing to hold the flywheels steady in the left case it allows them to move around .030 - .050" of an inch.  This may not seem like much for the average rider but the person looking to make a good, strong motor you MUST HAVE  a good strong bottom end to withstand the rigors of more power.  Now that the Harley Davidson has removed this very important part from the motor they have come up with an updated kit where you can reinstall the Timken races and use the proper bearings to hold everything in place. 

     I have purchased the tools and have been installing these new races back into the cases for several years.  I have decided to offer this work to the public. Here is what I can do for your Harley.

     You send me the lower end, no cams or top end, just the cases with the flywheels still inside.  I will disassemble the cases, remove the flywheels and true and weld them. This modification will give the lower end more rigidity which will handle more horsepower so there is no shifting of the wheels out of true. Then I do the machine work to the left case and install the new Timken race, set the bearing end play and reassemble the cases. The lower end will go back to you all assembled and ready to finish the top end and cam cases.

The parts that are included in the price are :  Screaming EagleTimken sleeve insert (HD # 34822-08), and new Timken bearing (HD #9028). 

Timken BearingConversion for Twin Cam Motors


This job is for 2003 and up Twin Cam motors.