95 or 98"  Big Bore kits       

  It seems like most riders are looking for more power from their stock bikes. These are my best selling kits' Raised port heads, S&S beehive springs, 98 big bore conversion, S&S adj. push rods conversion, tman cams,  S&S cam install kit, MLS top end gasket kit. I also recommend some throttle body work, either make the stock unit bigger or get a new HPI unit. Here is a dyno sheet of this kit. any questions just ask.

 This kit produces a nice running bike with great street manners and good gas mileage, is a pleasure to drive on country roads with the guys or the significant other.  If you want to go faster just twist the throttle and the bike will instantly move forward and continue to accelerate until you get out of the throttle.   Sure makes the bikes more fun to ride.

                                        103 or 107" big bore kits

           This kit is basically the same  95/98 kits but using bigger parts for the bigger motors.

The kits include raised port heads,  High lift Beehive spring kit, 103 or 107" big bore pistons, a set of Tman cams, S&S adjustable push rod conversion kit, Cam install kit, MLS top end gasket kit

 The out put can be adjusted to the power you want. More compression, throttle body and exhaust play a key role in making the power where and when you want it. Power in these kits range from 120T 115 hp all the way up to 130T and 125 hp.    It is the heads that make the power and it is the cam that dictates where in the rpm band the power will be.

                                            If you have any questions please feel free to ask.