Machine Shop Services

  • Machine shop services:
    Bore stock 88 cyl to 95" include CP pistons 6000.00
    88 cylinders to 98" include CP pistons 600.00
    96 cylinders to 103" include CP pistons 600.00
    96 cylinders to 107' include CP pistons 600.00
    Evolution cylinder boring per cylinder 90.00
    Shovelhead cylinder boring per cyl 80.00
    CC head & mill to set compression 90.00
    Mill heads, cut gasket surface to be flat 30.00 ea.
    Mill cylinders for "0" deck 40.00 ea.
    Bore cases for big bore cylinders 300.00
    Install timken race conversion 275.00 (plus parts)
    Install new pinion bearing  60.00
    Replace valve seat 100.00 (seat included & valve job included)
    MCR manual compression releases 125.00 (releases included)
    ACR automatic compression releases 300.00 (releases included)
    Weld and true crank shaft TC 300.00
    Assemble and true Evoution, Shovelhead, Sportster flywheels 300.00
  • This is a small list of work we can perform on your harley davidson