Raised Port Big Valves

                         $ 1395 .00

   This is where I go in and change the valve seats to a larger size so I can convert the heads to accept a  1.980/2.00 intake valve and a 1.575 exhaust valve. These bigger valves will flow more air therefore making more power. This head work can support more cam shafts for making even more power. This setup works very well on smaller cams making more torque earlier in the RPM range band. However, with a larger cam, these heads will really shine making more power than thought possible from a Harley Davidson motor.

    This package includes 2 new larger intake seats, 2 new AV&V intake valve guides, 2 new AV&V high tulip intake valves (1.98/2.0), &  2 new AV&V exhaust valves & guides,. Then I will finish off with a new 7 angle valve job which means  2 angles on the valves & 5 on the seat.  These heads can be made to work on a dresser who is cruising the country or a local street rider who enjoys light to light or cruising on the backroads with a friend.  It is just the selection of parts that'll put the power where you need and want it.