110   MVA   S&S


     The Harely Davidson 110 heads are some of the best casting from the factory and the MVA heads a touch better in their stock form.  As good as they are in stock form they can be massaged to be a great set of heads with great low end power an awesome mid range and a good top end charge.  These heads can be ported to match your cam for more power than you thought possible from a HD motor. Smooth effortless power that will move you down the road at the speed you want.  With the correct cam these will make a great dresser that is able to travel the country with confidence and be assured of longevity.    

     With a different  cam they can be made to have power in any rpm that you want the power to be.

     These heads will receive 4 new AV&V valve guides and 4 new AV&V high tulip valves that will increase the velocity of the incoming and out going air.

     These heads are very versatile and can be made to work in a wide variety of engine combination.

                                            If you have any questions now is the itme to ask them.

$ 1395.00