Street Port


    A lot of guys ask me why they should do work to their cylinder heads. The simple answer is because it is the heads that make the power and the cams dictate where in the RPM range the power will be. Cylinder head porting is not only for high end performance. A good set of heads and correct cam choice can show big rewards for all levels of performance. This is where I, as the porter, ask questions as to where and how you ride and where you would like more power. I have several levels of head work that I do and I will try to explain the differences. 


   When using Twin Cam heads my basic head work is called a street port. I go into the port and gently massage the port removing all the bumps and sharp edges that are there from the Harley Davidson casting process. Then I compliment the port work with a precise 3-angle valve job. I will re-use your stock valves , guides and springs providing that they are still in with good shape & in correct tolerances. This kit will handle cams up to 590 lift cams.