Welcome to Dan Vance Racing

We are a small performance shop in eastern Connecticut. I have been working on Harley Davidsons since 1976 as a full time job, every day, all day. We specialize in performance mods to your bike. What is performance ?? In our opinion performance is anything that you do to your bike to make it run better, smoother and/or faster. Could be a new set of good tires or some motor work.

I do have a strong desire to make things run better than what we get from the factory. We are a Harley machine shop that works on Harley Davidson & S&S motors, with a specialty of cylinder head work. I personally like my bikes to accelerate when needed. I do not like how the factory bikes accelerate. You go to wide open throttle to pass a truck and the bike goes Waaaaa. Makes big noise but the bike doesn't move forward, just makes more noise. In the following pages I will give examples of the work I do and the expectations that I have from this work.

I like to make every kit for that particular customer, as we all have different requirements from our rides. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like to insure you are getting what you want.

Just send me an email to the address below...