Well dan, time for an update on my dyna project. after tuning my 103 with your heads and throttle body was  making 106hp/111tq. the torque curve looks like one from an electric motor, comes in hard at 2500rpm/100tq (peaks@111) and stays there to 5600rpm (redline.). Went up against a friend with a 2015 breakout and left him a 1/2 mile back and never put it in 6th gear. buddy was so upset he had the dealer upgrade to the new 110' tire shredder kit (cost him over $9k) and my DVR 103 build still left him in the dust(not a happy camper). Just wanted to say thanks and recommend your shop to everyone...... Diffidently going to be back when i take on my next build........thinking 107 or maybe 117.............. Cheers, Scott Duffus

Dan, its back together and runs great! Went with .040 head gasket, power is super smooth, accelerates real easy, real quick. No need for downshifts, great roll on torque. Its only got a base map in, no pinging. I cant thank you enough!     Peter

Another season of riding is over… fyi, my bike ran excellent all summer…not a hiccup!!
The upgrades you did are excellent….now that I have had a chance to ride it this summer, the bike just goes and goes !!  I always seem to run out of room with it before its even finished climbing the tach!!  The power goes and goes… haven’t done a dyno yet, but shit, I don’t need too… it runs great and I know it has tons of power!! Leave well enough alone, I say!! Just a comparison, my buddy has a new Harley CVO street glide with a 110 and he had the heads done and cam changed and my  Lowly 98 cu with your upgrades stays neck and neck with his bike, side by side, I am even quicker out of the gate!!  Pisses him right off!!  I love it!!
Thank you for all your help on getting my bike where its supposed to be!!       Michael Morin, Lewiston, ME  


Today I rode to work. As you know it is about 75 miles of parkway and turnpike. The bike performs unbelievably well. First, at 75 mph I crack on the throttle and the bike leaps with power. I was at 95 mph in seconds. Then on the way home there was the guy on the CVO Dyna alongside of me for about 6 miles on the parkway at about 70mph. He pulled into the next lane and jumped on it. I accelerated past him like he was standing still. With that said this morning just cruising at 75 it feels great. I love it!  Great job!    Jim Trotter 


Hi dan all I can say is the bike is awesome it flys I raced a full built screaming eagle twin cam built by the dealer. Claiming 105 hp. When I launched this baby for the first time with that loud ass screaming eagle on my side my tire was spinning as I went through the gears I switched in to 5 th look at the speedo she was a little over 120 mph I let off the throttle and look in the mirror that built screaming eagle was about two football fields behind me. When I got off the highway the guy told me it wasn't even fair. Who built you bike. I told him Dan Vance did the heads he asked why are my heads better than his ? I told him you have  a pair of mass production heads mine were set up by a true craftsman that is an expert in his field , end of discussion. The dyno guy wants me to put around 6 or 7 hundred miles on it b4 he fine tunes it  anyway she put out a 115 ft lbs of torque  and 106 hp under 5000 rpm the bike will redline at 6300 when he is done very impressive numbers seeing they will climb when I go back for the final tuning. I am so pleased with your work also I will send you the final dyno sheet in a couple weeks . Thank you for your outstanding work you are definatly an expert. You should be on the front page of cycle world.

Last but not least my bro took her for a spin and said the last time he rode something like that it said made in japan on it . Lol    Anthony Santilli, CT


Ok Dan, The official verdict is in. Outstanding!!! Thanks so much for your work, help and patience answering all my questions. Everything is working great! Plenty of torque and power. Nice job!!       Thank you!  Mark

Bike pulls like a freight train ( I’m 6’5” 300lbs) and I’m very happy with the way it runs! Leaves most of the bikes around here looking at my taillight!       Cheers, Scott Duffus Prince Rupert, BC Canada


I love what we did on my FXR. The bike rides great and pulls away from everyone else I ride with with just a slight roll of my wrist. ;) Thanks for helping me achieve that. I haven't dyno'd the bike yet so I don't know the output of the motor, but I have it running pretty well and love the power. I figure you can probably guess with in a few HP and ft/lbs of what this is making when tuned right.

    Heads are your raised port head work.
    Compression is set at 10.8:1    Cam is a W8
    Screamin Eagle ignition
    Carb Mikuni HRS42  ..............Thanks, Dave   


Hi Dan,
  How about I start with WOW!   LOL  Thank you.  What a great difference in the performance of the bike.  The power band shifted down the RPM's so now I have about the same power in 6th I had in 5th.  And it's seem like the power at 1800 RPM is about the same as the old 2200 RPM.  The bike is smother, faster and just feels spectacular.  AND, this just blew my mind, the gas mileage went up significantly.  Just got back from a big day ride in the mountains and running at high speed back home.  Before I would have go maybe something like 44/45 mpg.  I got 51.27mpg!   Running hard up mountains and 80 down the road.  Just spectacular.  Have not had the bike dyno'd yet.  It's down.  Sometime next month should be up and running. I'll send you the results when I get them.  Should be something.  Love the set up on my bike. Nice job! ..................Mark    


Thanks so much for the time you have taken to answer my questions and I am very excited to give you my business. Receiving good customer service is first to me and you are one of the best I have dealt with. Thank you....(update) I just got home from a 100 mile ride. I am very pleased with the way my bike runs!! I will recommend you to anyone!!! Thank you for all your help..........Ken Richens, Elk River, MN. 


You have been nothing but GREAT all the way through this, Dan. And that counts for a LOT, especially in today's world.  So many folks have forgotten words like "quality", "pride", "craftsmanship",  to name a few.  I want you to know I truly appreciate that, Dan.
Hi Dan, installed the t body on Hollis's bike and we are both very pleased how it works.  Thanks, he still has the fastest 88 (Bagger).......  Drew Case, San Rafael, CA




Dan, Very please with the work you did taking my RK 88 out to a 98. (100hp 106 tq).......Thinking about a 09 Road Glide with a 103 engine. What kind of HP can I expect with your magic of a Bore, Headwork, cam & throttle body work?

Your work is amazing.........Steve Veibl. Melbourne, FL


Hey Dan Just back from a South American job for 3 weeks just took my first ride I have one thing to say Bad Ass and did not evan crack the throttle i can tell it will be a beast will keep you informed now that I'm back.........Stuart


Dan....ultra high regards for customer satisfaction.

My satisfaction for your recommendation of parts, communication during the build, and your workmanship of the heads & cylinders is 100%!
If I could ride the 1946 miles, walk into your shop and shake your hand it would be 150%.
My next twin cam build will have Dan Vance Racing parts included in the build........Mike M. Colorado 


     Rob's Dyno Service contacted me about dropping off my bike to him...I was very impressed with his everyday operation. He asked questions about the engine upgrade and I started telling him what I actually did and, of course, I mentioned if it weren't for you I couldn't of done it. As soon as I mentioned Dan Vance Racing he told me to stop telling him about the motor. After your name was mentioned, he started talking very highly of you and that you have a great reputation. He told me I had one of the best guys out there to do my engine upgrade. I felt real good then. He told me I would get great numbers and feel the difference. Thanks to DVR... Thanks my friend and take care...Ray 


Just wanted to drop you this note to stick on your website under testimonials!  I must say everything I read in my research about you while looking for a top head porter in New England area has been exact to a T!  from your explicit knowledge  of the these motors to your helpfulness and most of all your end results of your porting ability is off the hinges! As is my 09 Road-Glide thanks to you!  I don’t have the Dyno sheets yet But I don’t need a machine to tell me what I can feel every time I crack  the throttle and feel that SB pull me and my 300 lbs thru the gears!  Each and every time I ride it, it keeps getting better and better!  The other John his just as happy as I am and he’s still waiting to fine tune his on the DYNO one more time before I send  over those sheets but preliminary #s are 110 HP 121 TQ and I know my beast pulls harder and faster than his!  If somebody is out there reading this trying to make a decision on who to use the search is over you’ve got one of the top 5 guys right here and he  is way more personable than any other shop or guy I’ve spoken to so far!
Thanks again Dan!  One of these days I’ll get the dyno sheets to prove it but until then I’ll be the guy in front if you’re looking for me!  LOL! ......John Bagley 


Well, the weather still isn’t great (very windy) but at least it isn’t raining and it is starting to warm up. I now have everything adjusted and fixed and modified so that it is running and handling the way I want it to. This thing is a rocket! I love it. And it is very streetable. Very well behaved riding around in traffic, but get it out in the open and look out. Thanks for all the help, and advice. When I get ready to start on the 124 I will be asking for more advice, and sending heads to you. Thanks again.......Jack Ferguson

 I just got home from a 100 mile ride. I am very pleased with the way my bike runs!! I will recomend you to anyone!!! Thank you for all your help.....

  Hey Dan. Figured you would like an update. Got the motor together last week. Ended up using harley B lifters with s&s travel limiters, zippers dual piston tensioners, se forged rocker supports after we saw a stock one break recently, and se roller rockers.  Everything went pretty smooth. Finally got the tuner back from tts, put a good base map in it and rode it home today. It runs excellent. Nice and quiet, other than the exhaust. Feels so strong, It's really hard not to get into it. I'm amazed how much part throttle and low end power it has for such a big cam and heads. It's actually almost hard to ride when trying to go slow, it just wants to go. 1/4 throttle for a couple gears and you're doing 80.  Feels like it's going to fly on the top. I only rolled it maybe 3/4 throttle one time in first gear and it instantly had the front tire up, didn't pull it past 4500 or so. I can't imagine it would be even better after break in and tune. Monday I'll be getting it in the dyno for an easy break in tune then next Monday hopefully pouring the coals to it. Honestly I couldn't care less what it puts down, I couldn't be happier with the way it feels. Thanks...... Josh, Connecticut 


 Hi Dan just thought I would drop you a line on the performance I got from your heads and throttle body I just had my tts master tuner v tuned took 3 night of collecting data and making great new map. The guy that done this for me builds bigger engines than my 95 inch but he was very very impressed with this engine he said it pulled like a bear and he is man of few word I will recommend your work to everyone I no and thanks for a great job on your performance parts I got a smile on my face that wont go away...... W. Daily, Canada 


After being mapped in stages during break in my bike  finally had the final fuel/ignition map done today. "Deano" the owner of the  local Dyno-jet tuning centre is very impressed and says it's the best 95 inch  build he's tuned. He also seemed to think that was thanks to your cylinder  heads. We ended up with 89.84 HP (bugger... not quite 90) and 101.26 Torque. I  asked him if he thought I should change the SE 204 cams and he said he  wouldn't change a thing. I have to tell you the power and "fun factor" increase  is astounding.
Thanks for everything, and I'll be recomending  your work to anyone willing to listen.   John Drew, Western Australia.


Dan, The motor is quite as a mouse, no gear whine from cams! The whole valve train is silent!
Starts just like a little 96incher. I was surprised at how mellow the idle is, u wouldn't guess it had 625 lift cams
I'm glad u steered me towards big block! I haven't had it wide open yet, but handfuls of throttle up to 4000rpm is enought to scare the crap out of u...lol I have 600 miles on it and I have done 3 oil changes and no bits of anything!
Before doing this I would be looking for gas at about 175 mile and that hasn't changed much at all.
I think we have built an awesome sleeper!      Toby,Littlestown, PA.

 Hey Dan, I got almost 300 hundred miles on this thing and it runs like a raped ape. however, u were right. The cam isn't shit so I'm gonna need a price on that 590 lift wood cam......  "Mario Andretti", Chaplin, CT

Hey Dan Just back from a South American job for 3 weeks just took my first ride I have one thing to say Bad Ass and did not evan crack the throttle i can tell it will be a beast will keep you informed now that I'm back.    Stuart

Very please with the work you did taking my RK 88 out to a 98. (100hp 106 tq)
Thinking about a 09 Road Glide with a 103 engine. What kind of HP can I expect with your magic of a Bore, Headwork, cam & throttle body work? Your work is amazing.     Steve Veibl


My satisfaction for your recommendation of parts, communication during the build, and your workmanship of the heads & cylinders is 100%! If I could ride the 1946 miles, walk into your shop and shake your hand it would be 150%.
My next twin cam build will have Dan Vance Racing parts included in the build.   Mike M., Colorado 


This was published on HDforums.com: 
     Here is my dyno sheet. I used Revolution Performance 4.125 cylinders, 4 3/8 HD stroker crank trued, welded and Timken upgrade, T-Man 625 gear drive cams, Feuling cam plate, oil pump and lifters, SE roller rockers with SE forged rocker support plates, SE tapered adjustable pushrods, HPI 58mm TB and red band injectors, Thundermax Auto Tune, V&H Pro Pipe Chrome modified. I had Dan Vance Racing re-work a set of SE110 heads especialy for this build. Dan used the HPI TB and flowed the heads superbly. IMHO Dan is one of the best head porters in the business today. He will answer all your questions and custom tailor your heads to your build! This is the second set of heads Dan has dome for me and when it came time to do this build there was no question in my mind that Dan would do the job. Assembly was by Barry Hamilton at Kiwi Pro Cycle and he also did the tune and dyno work. After 800 more miles it will go back for final tuning and I will post the sheet. Barry thinks we will gain some numbers when all is said and done. I am super happy!!  


Rode bike a couple times around block and parked in front of fan.
Then went for 5 mile ride, keeping it under 3000rpms, she runs like a raped ape!
I have to ride bike thru grass yard to put in basement and the slow speed handling is great, I was concerned about parking lot manners and it seems its going to be ok!!!!
Thanks for all your help with this project.   It revs up like a 2 stroke.... Lol          Toby, Littlestown,PA 

Just wanted to let you know my bike is running great! My 117" kicks ass!! And it kicks ass because of your head work! Barry and I both believe that we would not make the power we have without your heads. Barry has tuned lots of big motors including 124's that don't make these numbers. I see a lot of posts for "street" porting and know these guys don't produce the results you do. Once again thanks for a great job!!...........Mike Casados ,Sun City.CA  


I was able to put some miles on it this weekend, Man o Man does it run good !! Still not broken in yet.
I whacked it no more than half throttle for asecond or two and it took off big time!!! It did'nt run like that before even ifyou where wide open. That's when the clutch said no more... gonna take care of that this weekend,Then i can make a Appt. for a Dyno tune. Thank you very much......Scott Molohon,Mclean, VA.  


Here is the latest from Thailand.......

Well you are now famous in Chiang Mai, the shop was crowded when we opened your boxes and you could have heard a needle dropped on the floor when we took out the heads and looked at them. Mr AJ took the stickers and placed them on the Glass entrance door to his show room / shop. I went down to the club one hour later and the word was already out about the modified heads from USA. We think you are the greatest on Harley engines, the heads looked absolutely amazing. Many Thanks ! Julius

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