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Raised Port Shovelhead Porting 


       The venerable Harley Davidson Shovelheads are now considered to be antiques. They were a good motorcycle that out lasted the sale of HD to AMF company in the early 70's and went on to be repurchased by the employees and brought back to the leaders in the heavy weight motorcycle class.
       I like Shovels as they were the first Harleys that I owned. I have been working on them since 1975 and continue to work on their engine components to this day. I can and will do most any job description on these motors.

This is the same port work I do on the Evolution and the Twin Cams. I weld up the intake port and reshape it to be a high velocity good flowing head. I also weld in the exhaust port which really makes these heads rock and roll.These heads receive new AV&V valve guides and all new AV&V valves.

Here is a brief list of machining options that I have available:

Cylinder boring, next size $100 each cylinder.

Standard Valve Job  $350

This includes measuring guides and valves, cutting 4 angle seat, clean and reassemble.

Weld and repair exhaust bolt hole $150.00 each

Weld and repair stripped spark plug $350 each

Install all (4) new valve guides & hone to size $160 

Replace valve seat (seat included) $150

Replace all valve guides and valve job $350 + Parts

Weld Exhaust Hole $150.00

              I also do complete motor rebuilds on Shovelhead models. 

                                                      $2200 up

                                              The prices vary so call or email me for a quote.