This porting package includes all new AV&V bronze valves, all new AV&V high tulip valves. I also weld the intake and exhaust ports to increase the velocity of the incoming and outgoing air charge. The increased air speed will fill the cylinders more which will make more power on every revolution of the motor. This port will accept lifts of 590. I also prefer to install S&S beehive springs when cams of 590 lift or larger are used.

       This service is my Harley Davidson Twin Cam "Raised Port Cylinder Head"" technology process. I start off by cleaning the intake and exhaust ports as well as the combustion chamber in order to see what I am working with. The next step is the porting booth where I will blend and shape the port to flow the amount of air we are looking for and in the rpm range that the cams will be working. When the porting is done I move to the welding booth where I use great precision to weld the floor of the port to increase the velocity of the incoming air charge. Now that the welding and porting are satisfactory, I will use my state of the art Sunnen VGS-20 valve and seat machine to do a 7 angle valve job, (5 on the seat and 2 on the valve) and mill off .005" of the head gasket surface to insure a perfect sealing surface for the head gasket. Now it's off to the cleaning tank to scrub off the heads and prepare for assembly. Assembly consists of another thorough inspection of the work that was performed, then new 1.900 intake valves are installed, new 1.575 exhaust valves as well, new seals are installed and spring pressure is adjusted to the cam specs.


      The results of this work will get you a Harley Davidson motorcycle that is more fun to drive, has plenty of power to pass on the highway when travling through the mountains of your favorite area.  Power will be right there in the throttle. Want to go faster ?? just turn the throttle and the bike will instantly move forward and continue to accelerate until you run out of road or attain the mph you are looking for.

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Raised Port Heads