Every year I try to get heads ready before the spring rush begins. These heads are almost done. They have been ported and flowed and are almost ready to go. I need to know the cam you want to run and how much compression you want. I can finish these heads within a couple days notice for those in a hurry.

  • 1 set of "blacked out"  Twin Cam heads. They flow in the mid 150's cfm and have all new valves  (1.900 int  1.575 ex. ) and new guides installed'.  These are ready to go.   $795.00 for port work and $250.00 for the heads.

  • 3 sets of ACR Twin Cam heads. They have all new valves.  1 set is a 1.900 intake and 1.575 exhaust, the other 2 set have 1.980 valves. the 1.900 heads flow in the high 150's, the 1.980 heads flow in the 160's. All have new valves and guides. The 1.900 valve heads are 895.00 and the 1.980 heads are 995.00. 

  • 1 set of water cooled heads, 1.900 valves all new valves and guides and flow in the mid 150's. $895.00

  • 1 set of gray 110 heads, 2.1 intakes and 1.650 exhaust all new valves and guides. they flow in the 180+@10"
    and 300+ cfm at 28".

      These prices are for an exchange for your heads. With this option you send me your set of heads & I will send you the completed heads as soon as I receive yours.

       If you want to purchase the heads outright there will be a $300 core charge. I will send these heads as soon as the payment clears. Then you send me your original heads & I will refund the core charge.

                                                    ANY QUESTIONS JUST ASK ?

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